Elemental Cycle

Invermere's Premier Bike Shop

But we're so much more than just a bike shop. We're a temple of awesomeness.


We carry a wide range of analog and electrified two-wheeled art from Norco, Kona, Pivot, Revel and iGo.

No matter your preference, we’ve got a bike that you’ll love, just try not to drool on them too much.


Nothing is worse than getting stopped by the fashion police on the trail.
Choice threads by Race Face, Endura and IXS will ensure that won’t happen.


Bikes are like relationships. They may work great when they’re new, but if you don’t give them the attention they deserve, they’ll start squeaking and spurting oil everywhere.

There aren’t many guarantees in life, but the quality of our service is one of them In the unlikely event that our work falls short, we’ll make it right. After all, it’s ok to care.

About Us

Enabling bike addiction for over 21 years... We're legal everywhere!

We're the old new face in town... After a 5 year hiatus, Rob, founder of Rob's Bicycle Works, is back and radder than ever! We are proud to be Invermere's bike shop of choice for expert repairs, master wheelbuilding, and of course, killer rides from Norco, Kona, Pivot Cycles, and Pedego E-Bikes. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service, expert advice and quite simply the best repairs you can find, anywhere.

Whether it be a trusty old steed, or some new-fangled carbon sexyness, we will dial her in beyond perfect. Obsessing over the details may be cause for a little therapy in some circles, but not in ours.

The Crew

You should know who has their hands all over your bike


The Man
Rob’s been around the block, and he’s got the grey hair to prove it. On the up side, this means he also knows how to dial in a new ride to perfection, or fix the unfixable.

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