2018 Kona Process 153 CR/DL – Bike Magazine Bible of Bike Tests

Another year, another pile of gorgeous carbon bikes to drool over.  The choices are endless, which leaves the buyer in a bit of a pickle – which steed is worthy of your hard-earned dollars?

I’m of the opinion you’d be hard-pressed to make a poor decision, but some bikes clearly outshine the competition.  This is our segway into Kona’s new Process 153 CR/DL: A beautiful hunk of turquoise carbon, built solely to turn calories into primal hooting and hollering.

Sweet googly moogly.

This bike is clearly designed for maximum fun when gravity takes over – but don’t discount it as a gravity-only rig.  Looking a bit deeper into the geometry showcases a decidedly cutting edge 78-degree seat angle, and seriously tweaked suspension kinematics to help improve pedaling efficiency.  Combine all that with a bomber part spec, and Kona’s renowned build quality, and you’ve got one heck of a bike.

“Enough with the numbers. Our testers were enamored with this bike. One’s first impression was of a very neutral, balanced-feeling all-mountain bike. Another remarked that it felt like a downhill bike, and really came alive when the trail turned steeply, chunkily downward. All three were impressed by its climbing characteristics. Another highlighted how fun the Process is, even on less-technical or slower sections of trail.”

Hit the link to read more about what this work of art can do for your riding game!

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