Pivot Mach 4 Carbon: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Looking for a fun ride, with exotic lines that will leave bystanders slack-jawed?  Pivot has managed to turn mere carbon fiber into an absolute work of art that delivers the ride of your life.  The Pivot Mach 4 is absolutely perfect for ripping lightning fast laps through Invermere’s trail network, and embarrassing your friends on long climbs.

Check out Richard Cunningham’s review of an absolutely dialed Mach 4 here.

“The Mach 4 Carbon is beautifully designed and executed to fulfill a specific role: a no-compromise cross-country trail bike, built tough enough to last a lifetime, and light enough to ensure that its owner need not wish for something else a few years down the road.”

Pivot Mach 4One of the beautiful things about bikes from Pivot Cycles, is that they come as a bare frame, and component gruppo. This allows us to work our magic and put an incredible level of detail into your bike build, without having to break the bike down first.  It also allows us to customize nearly every detail for you.

Stop by the shop and see what kind of dream bike we can build for you!


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