Sayeth Kuat?? Nice rack…

It’s rare that someone calls out “Hey, nice rack!!!” to a guy, but sure enough after mounting up my new Kuat NV, I received not one, but two catcalls!  You’re makin’ me blush…

I like this rack so much, I couldn’t wait to give you all a mini-review on it!

All mounted up!

All mounted up, and lookin purdy

As for assembly, if you can put 4 bolts into some holes and fiddle with 4 little screws, you should be able to manage nicely.  I’ve had the opportunity to assemble a few of these for customers now, and actually find it a bit easier to put it together with the hitch mounted on the car already.  Of course, I never follow my own advice, albeit today I had a good excuse as it was raining sideways…

Once the rack is mounted, it is definitely a confidence inspiring unit.  Super solid, and no fears of wayward bikes bouncing down the highway.  The integrated lock is nice for quick trips into the store, and the built in work stand is freakin’ sweet.  I wouldn’t exactly overhaul a bike on it, but it is perfect for a post-ride wipe down.

When not in use, the rack folds up nice and close to the back of your vehicle, and tilts out of the way so you can access your trunk/hatch easily.

On a scale of bogus to excellent, I’d have to say that the Kuat NV is pretty much the Wyld Stallyns in rack-form.  Stop by and get yours soon!

Definitely worthy of an air guitar solo.

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