2017 Norco Sight Announced!

If you’ve had the desire to stick some carbon between your legs – this might be the year to do it!

Norco has just pulled the sheets off their 2017 Carbon Sights, and they’re a sight to behold! (groan)

Slacker head angles, longer reach, short rear centers, steeper seat tubes… plus a killer spec, and a beautiful paint job – The 2017 Norco Sight has it all!

Jill Kintner taking her sight through the paces.

The big news is that the Sight now comes with wagon wheels!  For those who like to shred a bit quicker, the larger 29″ hoops and very progressive geometry will be sure to please.

Head on over to Pinkbike to read some first impressions, then swing by the shop with chequebook in hand… these beauties will sell out quick!

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