Barbour Rock Recreational Trails Update

The Columbia Valley Cycling Society (CVCS) has been putting a ton of legwork into increasing the number of legal trails in the Invermere area.  We are blessed with a long riding season, great dirt, and epic backdrops, but are also limited in the amount of legal trails in the area – currently sitting at about 53km.  This is well below what neighboring regions have, and is simply not enough to cater to the demand of residents and visitors alike.

The proposed Recreational Trails at Barbour Rock promise to add up to 40km of fantastic riding, running, hiking, and rock climbing in the summer, and fat biking, skiing, and snow shoeing in the winter.  If you live in the valley, or regularly recreate here – this project is going to be hugely important.  Check out this recent update on the project from the CVCS, and get educated on the proposal, the application process, and what you can do to help!  There is also a public open house slated for the end of January, which promises to be outstanding!

CVCS Barbour Rock Recreational Trails Update

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