2016 Kona Hei Hei DL – Pinkbike’s First Look

If you read our earlier post about Kona’s Hei Hei Trail, you’d know that everyone seems to think that it’s an awesome bike. And I agree, it is. But what if you took that bike, melted the frame down to make an aluminum potato masher, and replaced it with nothing but sweet, sweet carbon fiber?

Oh, the possibilities.. if only someone could do that…

Well, since Kona makes bikes, and they’re known for doing awesome things, they’ve gone and done it, and unveiled the 2016 Kona Hei Hei DL at Sea Otter. A full 1.5 lbs lighter, and weighing in at around 27 lbs, with a reverb dropper. Very decent. Add to that a substantial increase in stiffness thanks to its sexy carbon frame, and boost (148mm/110mm) axles, and now you’re talking about a recipe for an absolutely stellar ride.

Check out what Pinkbike’s Vernon Felton had to say about it here. ¬†Spoiler Alert: Vernon uses catchy phrases like “shredding” “ripping” and “monkey sounds”.

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