Norco Sight C7.1 – Decline Magazine’s Trail Bike of the Year!

Well hot damn, guess I’m not crazy after all. I’ve been on my carbon Sight for several months now, and have been absolutely loving it’s fast and playful ride. As a reformed sasquatch, I’ve traditionally had a tough time finding a bike that fits properly, while still being well balanced and a pleasure to ride. Norco has solved that dilemma with their Gravity Tune, which tweaks geometry with every frame size to retain riding characteristics.

Anyway, enough of me babbling on… why not listen to some folks with some credibility, like the guys over at Decline? They loved the 2016 Norco Sight C7.1 so much, they awarded it Trail Bike of the Year!  An awesome frame, killer parts spec, a reasonable price tag, and above all, a superb ride all combine to make the reviewers pretty stoked on what Norco has to offer.

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